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This is the name given to the Side Saddle Association which has set its target on reviving this tradition in Austria.


The Association was founded in 1997 and consisted of a group of approximately 20 ladies and 2 gentlemen but this grew at an incredible rate. At present the Association has over 100 Members and approximately 700 Interested parties. Each year the Association performs Side Saddle demonstrations at, among others, Riding Stable festivities, large Exhibitions and International Show Jumping competitions presenting Solo performances and Pas de Deux, 4 and 8 person Quadrille up to 16 person Quadrille.

Internally the Association has already had large success with the incorporation of riding Side Saddle in the Austrian Tournament Organisation which means that since the beginning of 2003 all competitors are allowed to participate at competitions riding Side Saddle. A further goal has been reached at the start of 2005 with the training of Riding Instructors for the instruction in Side Saddle riding. In November 2005 the qualification examination has taken place for candidates who wanted to become a “Lehrwart Damensattel”. By now twenty Side Saddle Instructors are teaching all over in Austria.



Desmond im DS.jpg

„Association for the Advancement of Side Saddle Riding in Austria“

The huge success achieved is mainly due to the hard work and commitment of the President from the Association,
Desmond O´Brien. Not only is he a highly qualified Riding Instructor, whereby a place on his Dressage courses in German and Italy are highly sought after, but he is also the former Saddle Master at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. This combines both an extensive knowledge of not only riding but also fittin and reparation of saddles in one person! For his dedication to the Side Saddle tradition the Side Saddle Association (SSA) awarded him with the “A” Instructor in June 2003.

This web page is continuously updated. Included in the web page is all information surrounding the Side Saddle with many photos from the various events where the Associatin participates.

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